Mezcal IBÁ


The leyend talks about a Zapotec godess named Mayatl, during a storm, she sent a bolt to an agave plant, striking it directly into the heart , so she could offer the liquor to her descendants, the humankind. as a result of this, the mezcal is known as god’s elixir felt from heaven.

Mezcal is the connection among human and sacred. As a result, we have created a Mezcal with such distinction that we are able to offer it worldwide. Mezcal IBÁ is manufactured in mexico in a community called San Pablo Huixtepec in the state of Oaxaca. in such process we use ancestral tecniques which sustain his exquisite flavor.

Mezcal IBÁ: The Mezcal from Heaven

IBÁ means heaven in a Zapotec dialect, named because of his prehispanic origin and from his people. The Binigulazaa leyend relates the beginning of the Zapotec culture, when the most brave warriors and wiser priests descend from the clouds . They were prodigious magicians, healers and fortune tellers that could read the stellar sky, predict the future and destiny of their territory.

Mezcal is the connection among human and sacred, as a result, we have created a Mezcal with such distinction that we are able to offer it worldwide.

Fruits from Earth

Mezcal IBA  protects the earth fruits preserving a sustainable manufacture, from the beginning till the end, People from this Oaxaca community, honors their ancestral heritage, exalting their Zapotec honor.

Dignifying the land that contemplated the  creation of  the mescal, glorifying Mexico’s name over the world.

IBÁ Mezcals handcrafted elaboration process

Mezcal IBÁ production follows the traditional process of mezcal manufacturing, handcrafted by our Mezcal Master:


IBÁ selects the best Agaves (also known as Magueys). This selection is made by the Mezcal Master reviewing and filtering one by one carefully, taken care of shape, colour and size. The agaves should be mature enough to produce a real good final Mezcal. If they are not mature, it is no possible to get the right taste, as the agave sugars are mostly related to the land. To really achieve an unique flavour and taste, Mezcal IBÁ just use espadín agaves.


Once agave selection is made, the  leaves are trimmed and Agave hearts (also knowns as "piñas”) are saved. Based on the size, agave hearts are divided in pieces for their correct cooking. There is a special method to divide agave hearts used by Mezcal Master to get the perfect results and cleanness.


The wood for the cooking is also carefully selected. It must be solid and aromatic enough. The rustic outdoor oven stands in a base made of river rocks. When the oven has the right temperature (between 1472 – 1832 F°) , the “agave hearts”, already selected for IBA mezcals,  are introduced in the rustic oven. The cooking time use to be about 72 horas, to achieve the right taste and quality.


The baked “piñas” are crushed to extract the sugars that distinguish IBA mezcals. The obtained paste are set inside wood tubs for it’s fermentation. It takes between 7 and 10 days. Fermentation time depends on climate, season and agave honeys quantity. Experts supervise the fermentation time to secure the required characteristics of the process which confers de quality and identity of IBA mezcals.


When fermentation is finished, the base is moved to alembics (made of copper), heated with fire, getting what they called "puntas", "cuerpo" and "colas" (1). Alembics are handcrafted in Oaxaca. The reason to be made of cooper is to avoid any contamination and to preserve the taste. Alambice are heated with the best woods. To assure the highest quality Mezcal IBÁ products pass two destillation.


Afterwards, the process of refinement and rectification starts using the "puntas" and "cuerpo" already obtained.  The result is an extra pure distillate, flawless and more refined.  The combination of this distillates are made by de Mezcal master which brings his experience to achieve the alcoholic volume that characterizes IBA mezcals.


Finally, the destilled product is labeled and bottled. Depends on the alcoholic degree, the final products are labeled as Mezcal IBÁ 40, Mezcal IBÁ 40 Silacayoapam y Mezcal IBÁ 55.


(1) Puntas, Cuerpo and Colas are the results of the product distilling phases. First destilled product are Puntas, then Cuerpo and finally Colas. Puntas and Cuerpo are combined to achieve the right flavour and taste.  







Elaboration process

Mezcal IBÁ 40

It´s a young mezcal 100% made of espadin agave with a 40% alcoholic content, high quality, its taste is subtle and refined which helps to diminish the astringent property of the product. Mezcal Iba 40  has  a smokey flavor combined with citric and sweet accents.  IBA 40 is delicate and amiable for the gust.

This product is ideal for people who want to immerse in the mezcal culture.

Mezcal IBÁ 40 Label
Mezcal IBÁ 55 Label

Mezcal IBÁ 55

It´s a young mezcal 100%  made or espadin agave, characterized of its moist and smokey accents.

Smoother spirit and asceticds, IBA 55 is the first mezcal with a 55% alcoholic content in the market, specially made for exigent palates.

Awards and Certifications

Mezcal IBÁ quality commitment

Quality and customer satisfaction are our most important guiding principles. In every aspect of our business, we are focused on providing superior product quality and services.  Gained Awards and Certifications are the result of IBÁ quality commitment.

2014 Awards

In January 2014 Mezcal IBA sent two labels to the  San Francisco World Spirits Competition, one year after the first bottle was sold.  On April 2014  IBA received , a joyful notice, IBA labels were awarded in one of the most important and respectful alcoholic beverages competition worldwide.  IBA 40 was awarded with a Silver Medal in 2014 and IBA 55 with the Double Gold Medal distinctions. IBA awards placed IBA as the best mezcal producer all over the world.

Mezcal IBA 2014 Awards

2015 Awards

In 2015 we sent again our already distinguished IBA 40 label, proudly, one more time gained the Double Gold Medal award.

Each award reafirms our commitment of quality and excellency with the community of Oaxaca, the commitment with its own history and heritage that represents  this mistic beverage and finally the commitment with each mezcal hearted that enjoys a good drink.


Mezcal IBÁ 2015 Awards

One Kosher

Mezcal IBA is one of the few alcoholic beverages that has the One Kocher Certificate, this certificate allows us to be the best candidate for the jewish community in Mexico and internationally.


One Kosher Mezcal
Mezcal IBÁ 40 Organic new release

Mezcal IBÁ 40 Silacayoapan:

From Oaxaca heart for World Wide

Mezcal IBÁ 40 Organic new release. We are proud to announce the release of our new label: IBÁ 40 Silacayoapam: the first 100% organic Mezcal. What does this mean? Which is the only certificated Mezcal in the Market that does not accelerate its processes in any way.

Directly brought from Oaxaca, through dirt roads, crossing rivers, climbing up the mountain, to offer the entire country and to the world the flavors of the Mixtec land contained in our exquisite mezcal.

IBA 40 Silacayoapam is a new Mezcal label in addition to the two existing ones. We have put our heart and soul in processing and packaging this new Organic product. The result is an unique and exquisite Mezcal. Now throughout Mexico, it is distributed and can be found in Walmart stores.

Likewise, it has begun to be marketed in Israel, from Oaxaca to the world.

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